Why LivAkt?

LivAct offers professional event planning. Our team is ready to assist you with your event plan, venue and location scouting, music, merchandise vendors, food and beverage merchant, and any other thing you need to make your event perfect.

Producing a major event?

We will support you from the beginning to the end. From the location of venues and permitting to staging and Audio Video Production including everything you need from our team. We are here to support you with all your event production needs.

Here are the lists of Events we can plan for you:

Live Music Concerts & Parties

Music & Food Festivals

Experiential Marketing Events

Product Launches

Consumer Engagements

Yacht functions & Cruises

Private theme Parties

Custom Fabrication

Fashion Show & Beauty Pageant

Fundraisers & Galas

Excursions, Circus & Safari

TV, Music & Film Awards

BBQ & Pool Parties

Marathons, Cycling & Running Races